Unstoppable Octobia May (In Book Stores Sept. 2014)

Sometimes after everyone goes to sleep, I sit outside Mr.Davenport's room waiting for him to come home from doing his vampire work. I always fall asleep, so of course Auntie must carry me to bed. Last night was different. A girl crying inside his room woke me before Auntie did. I had a pointy stick when I went inside his room. Checking underneath his bed and behind the curtains, I tried my best to find her. Just before I left I heard her say, "Octobia May-help me."


Inside the Book

Inside the Book

I try to keep Autumn out, but she chases me.  I have to run fast to get away.

Autumn is wearing track shoes.  She says they are magic, superfast.  Now she is ahead of me, staring back at my legs.

"Where your wheels at?" she wants to know.

"I have legs.  See."  I stop to give her a better look.

"Those are just pretend.  I got real ones.  Wanna wrestle?"

Poof!  My legs disappear.

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Hi. I really love your books.

I just love "Pinned"! I can read your books all day.

Thanks for making those amazing books thank you!!!

~ RHQ, United States



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