Once I am in the building, then what?

  • I mingle, mingle, mingle with students before my talks (I love this part)
  • I read from my various novels
  • Discuss the day-to-day life of an author, including working with editors, the rewrite process, writers' block, creating memorable characters, writing realistic fiction, etc.
  • I discuss my particular journey with self esteem, etc, while also encouraging students to consider writing (editing, illustrating, marketing, publishing) as a career, by helping them see that being an author is the best gig on the planet.
  • Answer questions
  • Autograph books, book bags, paper bags, tee shirts, sweats and even a few arms.
  • Thank my lucky stars that I got to spend the day with you



I am here. I am there. Sometimes I feel like I’m everywhere. But if you’d like me to come to your school, conference or place of business, check my schedule and lets see if we can work something out. Thanks.