Would I Ever Come To Your School?

Why not?

Besides writing books, my next favorite thing to do is to visit with students and teachers at their schools. But please don’t invite me if you want a dry, boring speaker. I like to get students excited about reading, and the characters I’ve written about. So I spend a lot of time talking to them while they are coming into a room or auditorium. Once I’m on stage—watch out—I think I can act, so my characters come to life when I read. I also think I can sing—which my daughter tells me is absolutely not true. But no need to worry, I won’t entertain you with a song. I don’t think.



I am here. I am there. Sometimes I feel like I’m everywhere. But if you’d like me to come to your school, conference or place of business, check my schedule and lets see if we can work something out. Thanks.